2022.....Deb's will continue to create beautiful keepsakes and christening gowns from Wedding Gowns.

Keepsake; a memento, a small item or gift kept because it evokes memories of somebody or something. 

We offer many options and welcome your ideas as well. If you send us a photo or drawing, we will create a unique heirloom quality item similar to the sample picture. We'll be happy to design a special item if you'd prefer.


Have a Christening Gown and bonnet created for your daughter or granddaughter using your cherished Wedding Gown. A Christening Gown, bonnet and blanket can all be constructed from a Wedding Gown that has a standard length train. 

There are usually a few usable scraps left over from a christen gown project. If you like, we will craft a few accessories to save for your child's wedding day. A ring pillow is a great accessory to give a son for his wedding. A hair piece for her veil or a fabric rose that could be worked into her bouquet would be nice for the bride. What a great way to incorporate "something old" into their modern day ceremony.

At the right is a beautiful beaded and lace christening gown. Look closely near the hem and you will see the ring pillow and the hair piece.

 Your items will now be easier to store and have more than one special meaning. With a little basic care, they can last for generations to come. We suggest storing all your old and new vintage items using acid free tissue paper.

All we need is your gown, part of your gown or preferred fabric. If you don't enjoy a visit to the fabric store, leave the little ribbons, snaps, hardware and other notions up to us. We promise our expert seamstress will add the small details as needed. We charge only for items we use, keeping your cost down and saving you precious time.

Deb's Sewing Service can turn your cherished wedding gown into cherished keepsakes.

We can fashion your items from a gown of any type. Imagine how romantic it would be to create accessories from a formal gown that you wore to a special event your finance escorted you to. This special color can also inspire your wedding day colors.

If you're apprehensive about reworking your cherished gown into a memento, a similar looking dress for an 18" doll like the American Girl Dolls can be created using photos (digital photos are best) of the original gown and a description of the fabric. We can do all the shopping for the fabric and notions if you like. In this case, we would just require a sample of your original fabric that can be taken from a seam or a hem.

Looking for a thank you gift for your Flower girl? I'll bet she would love a "twin" version of her gown as a special keepsake from the Bride.

Please go to our Blog page. There you will find information about a very successful restoration project.

Remember; items like keepsakes, not requiring a fitting, can be arranged and returned to you using mail services.  

Do you live as little as 50 miles from Williamsport, PA.?

Mail orders might be an easy option for you as well. Lets do the math. Your vehicle averages 20 miles per gallon (mpg). If the average fuel price is $4.00* per gallon. Just driving one way would use 2.5 gallons of fuel. That would amount to $10.00. Round trip would cost $20.00. Dropping off and picking up would add up to $40.00. Shipping costs are much less than that. AND.....consider the time savings of not driving those round trips!

The sky's the limit.Contact us today and together we'll get started on creating your heirloom quality custom keepsakes.

 *All price examples are stated in US dollars and are subject to change without notification.