Internet Ordered Gowns and Clothing: 

             Please order from reputable dealers and businesses.

                       Buyer Beware!....... It's just my opinion.

 I formed my opinion after hearing several stories from gals who ordered their prom gowns from the Internet. "The gown wasn't the same as the picture, the size is much much to large for me, who in the world could possibly be this tall." The stories go on........

If you are stuck with a garment because the seller is not responding to your plea for exchange or just don't have enough time to send it back or get another, meet with us before you give up.

The good news is that we may be able to help.

 As long as there is sufficient fabric to let out a little, cut off the hem, or re-style, it's very possible to save the gown and save the day.

Contact Us today and tell us about your situation.