Be prepared for an accurate fitting.

Please bring the actual shoes to your fitting or (ones with the exact height heel you plan to purchase.)

Bridal undergarments can change the way your gown fits. If you plan to wear a strapless bra or waist slimmer, you MUST bring them to all your fittings.

Wedding Gown and Formal Gown fittings are necessary for the seamstress to accurately determine the amount of fabric to take in for a smooth fit, allow us to help you decide what your best length hem should be assuring you'll be confident on your event date. We can also show you a few bustle styles and recommend the best to add flair to your gown.

Wedding Gowns require about three fittings. Sometimes more if there are a lot of changes to be made. Please plan on the first two fittings to be approximately 1 hour. The next fittings generally last about 30 minutes.

Formal Gowns usually require two fittings and last about 30 minutes each. If your gown has many layers to the skirt, the pinning may take longer.

SORRY..... we are no longer taking these items.  

Business and casual clothing  

Military uniforms 

We offer a discount on our prices and encourage you to learn to mark your own hems on “not so particular” items. If you are a little familiar with the alteration process and able to determine where a pant or jeans hem should be, and are able to fold back the fabric and secure with a safety pin, a fitting will not be necessary. providing us with your inseam will give us a close idea to where the hem should be as well. Because all pants and slacks are constructed differently, this length appearance will vary slightly on the finished hem. Savings is about $2.00 off the standard pricing per item. 

It’s also pretty easy to pin a shoulder strap of a gown or pinch and measure the amount to take in the waist of trousers! We’d be happy to teach you at one of our fittings if you like. 

If you prefer us to determine the alteration or hemming requirements, it’s no problem. We'll be delighted to spend the time with you.

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