Common Terms:

          used by your Alteration Specialist

Below are a some common terms that can be used to help describe what you'd like us to alter on your clothing.

Rolled Hem - this is like the hem manufacturers use on a pair of jeans. The stitches show and the hem width is about 1/2" - 3/4".

Blind Hem - this hem is what manufacturers use on dress slacks and upper end dresses. The stitches are harder to see and the hem width is usually 2".

Tapering - this alteration can be performed on a dress bodice, blouses, jackets, pants legs and others. It means we will make the garment smaller where desired working on the inside of the item.

Lining - the lightweight fabric placed inside a garment that protects and adds durability to the garment. It also hides the more ugly insides of an item.

Bodice - the upper part of the gown that covers the bust area. The skirts are attached to the bodice. It is a very common alteration to have the bodice tapered. 

Wedding gown with corset back,

Corset back - a set of laces and loops going up the center back gown and looks like the lacing of a pair of shoes. It is a common alteration in Wedding Gowns and Formal Gowns, to replace a zipper with a corset back. It makes the gown larger through the bust and waist of the gown.

Bustle - (noun) the temporary pulled up and attached train of a gown allowing the wearer to move freely as if the skirt hem is all one length. (verb) the process of attaching the train to the back of the gown. Example: After the ceremony, the Maid of Honor will Bustle the Wedding Gown Train so the bride can dance the night away at her reception! 

Left photo is a 4 point high over bustle.

             On the right is a 1 point low bustle.   


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Please check out the SLIDE SHOW For more bustle photos.

Not sure what to say about what you want altered or sewn? Not a problem. Our friendly experienced seamstress will guide you through the conversation. Together we can determine what you actually need for your preferred fit.

Lets get your wardrobe in order. Remember, clothing is an investment and should not hang in the back of the closet just because your weight has changed or the item "feels" a little funny. With a little alteration here and there, you will feel and look great in those garments again.

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